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Our mission is simple - to reduce the barrier to entry and get more Africans to see the opportunities in technology.
Our vision is to get Africans to become builders and decision makers in the technology space.
Our history is short, simple and interesting. We started in 2020 as a lifestyle platform for women. In October 2021, we transitioned to a tech and lifestyle community for Africans. Interestimg, right?
Our inspiration will always be to support and empower Africans who think they have no place in technology. We consider our community a soft landing for every African looking to go into technology.

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The tech industry is risk-friendly, so it’s better to take the chance or take the lead if you think something might work. Just go for it and really put yourself out there, because it’s an industry that really responds to that. When you take risks and just go for it, you tend to be rewarded and see things happen.

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