About us

About us

Creativity. Impact.

We are committed to solving everyday problems with digital technology.

While it is important to make money as a business, we are also interested in solving problems that shape people and impact their lives in ways we cannot imagine. This is why we exist as a brand. Products by More Techies are built by people for people.

Joy Eneghalu-Anele

Product Manager/Founder

How we work

Our Story

We started off training people to learn tech skills and along the way, we realized that teaching wasn't enough. People needed to feel what they were learning by actively being a part of it, in the form of practice. So, we decided to build products to give our learners the opportunity to learn in a very exceptional way. This birthed us as a product-led digital technology company with series of products in our portfolio.

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Our Recognition

Winner, Storylab Project, Cardiff

What's next?

What's next?

What's next?

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