MT Academy is a gamechanger!!!.

More Techies Academy is the training arm of our community. We offer training largely on the no-code side of tech and a few in the technical part. The trainings are intense and designed to prepare you for the practical reality of your future job role.
You want to get into a particular tech field but have no clue what the space entails or how to get started, then this academy is for you. More Techies Academy offers you the opportunity to study and discover what it truly feels to wear the hat in real life.

Innocent Ugochukwu joined the Talent Accelerator Program from the construction industry. He had learnt product management and was looking for real work experience to help him solidify his learning. Innocent got his internship experience in the program and landed a job in exactly 2 months and 3 days. Click the video to hear his story.

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