• 1. What does More Techies do?
    In simple terms, we help young africans get into the tech space seamlessly.
  • 2. Is the More Tribe free?
    It is absolutely free.Consider it our big gift to talents in the tech space. In the tribe, you'll find the resources and network you need to grow. To join the community, visit bit.ly/MoreTRIBE
  • 3. Do you offer learning programs?
    Yes, we do. It is called More Techies Academy where students learn a tech skill of their choice at a cost. For now, we offer product management, UI/UX and Digital Marketing classes. You can check out https://moretechies.com/academy
  • 4. What else does More Techies do?
    Simply helping people get into tech. However, we also have the Morekathon and More Techies Summit that we organise annually.
  • 5. What is Morekathon?
    It is literally a hackathon where teams formed within our community get to work on a product solving a problem and then pitch it.
  • 6. What is More Techies Summit?
    It is an annual summit we do to discuss the tech space and all that concerns it.

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