Partnership Management

Partnership management is the process of following up on and maintaining effective, productive, and harmonious relationships with partners.
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In the partnership management course, you will learn key factors in managing partners in business, building trust and forging commitment in partner relationships for sustainable development, setting ground rules and disciplines for your relationships with your partners, increasing partner and alliance results and turning relationship conflicts and competition into more productive performance.

Over the course of your career, you work with many different stakeholders in many different facets. A business partnership can be one of the trickier relationships to navigate. Business partners are one of the most important parties in any business, and how you manage them matters. Organizations rely more than ever on effective alliances and strategic partnerships.  Yet studies consistently show that more than half of these fail to meet their stated objectives.

Partnership managers can work anywhere in the labour market, because they are very needed in any business. Some of the likely career path for a partnership manager includes: Sales Director, Client Solutions Manager, Business Development Manager, Customer Success Specialist, Founder, Channel Sales Manager, Director of Business Development or Marketing Manager.

The highest salary paid to partnership managers conducted in the US is $104,908 per year. The minimum salary paid to partnership managers conducted in the US is $44,814 per year, while the average salary is $68,567 per year in United States.

Welcome to the partnership management track.

What you’ll learn
  • Stages of partnership development
  • The partnership canvas
  • Principles of partnership management
  • Stages of relationship development
  • Six partnering attributes
  • The strategies for building trust
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  • Internet enabled device is needed
  • Beginner friendly.
  • No previous management experience is needed.

Course Content

Introduction to partnership management

  • What is partnership management?
  • Who is a partnership manager?
  • Principles of partnership management
  • Skills of a partnership manager
  • Types of partners
  • Conclusion
  • Assignment

Partnership development vs relationship development

Needs and expectations in business

Introduction to Relationship Management

Structuring: organization & governance for successful partnerships

Self-Disclosure and Feedback Communication Skills

Establishing Trust to Build Partner Commitment and Loyalty

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