How to Ace that Job Interview

An Interview seems to be in order whether you are applying for an entry role or a senior role in an organization. A job interview is an opportunity for your employer to get to know you.

A job interview is an opportunity for you to create an impression on the hiring team. You can create this impression through your qualifications verbally or written. 

In this article, we will look at how to ace your job interview, preparations, and everything needed to make an impression.

Before the Interview

  1. Research the Company

It is vital you research the company and possibly your employer. Doing this will help you ensure your goals and plans align with that of the company. 

In the research, you will know and understand the company’s vision and mission statement. Also, during the interview, showing you know the company leaves a good impression. It shows you are interested in being a part of the company.

To research the company, visit its website, check out its social media handles, and also check for relevant information on google. You can also look up reviews on Glassdoor

  1. Re-read the job description

Re-read and review the job description. A good study of the job description will help you in your explanation of your suitability for the job responsibilities and roles. You can also make a list of the skill, qualifications, and experience that matches the roles and responsibilities needed. 

Sample of a job description (source)

While reviewing the job description, pay heed to the keywords used. Some of these keywords are the required skills and experience; use them during your interview. Look for opportunities to involve them in your interview.

3. Practice and prepare for the typical job interview questions.

You must come prepared with strong answers to your interview questions. You can research common job interview questions. Some of these questions are:

Why should we hire you?

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Talk about a challenge you overcame

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

At some point in the interview, you may be asked to throw your questions. At this moment, avoid irrelevant questions rather ask questions that display your eagerness to learn and interest in the position and the company. You can ask questions like:

What is a typical day in the job position like?

What challenge can this position solve?

What are the KPIs of this role?

Also, when questions come your way, use the STAR method to respond. 

S – Situation

T – Task

A – Action

R – Result

Start with explaining the situations and then, discuss the task or role in each situation. Then, talk about the necessary actions you took in handling the challenge or situation and the results of your actions.

STAR method

4. If your interview is remote, check your environment for a quiet place.

With the advent of remote jobs as the new normal, phone and video interviews have become the order of the day. Situations like bad connections, noisy background, and dim lightning serve as distractions and create a false impression on your interviewer. 

A virtual/remote Interview (source)

In- Person Interview (source)

For your online interview:

  • Get a clean background and quiet environment.
  • Face natural light or you can set up a ring light
  • Keep your webcam at eye level
  • Ensure you are in a place with good network reception
  • You can also practice with a friend.

On the Day of the Interview

  1. Dress Well

Dress Well to create a good impression. If possible, research the company’s dress code and use it as a guide. In most cases, a business casual outfit or formal suit can work.

Business Casual (source

Get a review from friends and family on your outfit. It is important you plan your outfit and adjust everything to avoid any last-minute wardrobe malfunction. 

Outfit Etiquettes for interviews (source)

2. Be punctual

On the day of the interview, your punctuality must be at its peak. It is best to set out early in case there’s any unpredicted situation, you can meet up. 

If it’s a remote Interview, be fully dressed and set up before the interview starts. Avoid setting up during the interview.

3. Bring all required documents

Yes, you may have submitted your resume and other documents, but still, bring them with you. Imagine if the company loses your mail where you submitted the required documents or can’t find the hard copies, you will be at a disadvantage if you didn’t bring a copy.

During the interview

  1. Be nice and Smile

Nervousness can cause you to be stiff. However, strive to be the best version of yourself. Your employer wants to know the real you. 

While communicating, maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Don’t forget to smile. When asked a question, don’t rush to answer. Take a moment and think briefly before giving your reply.  

2. Show interest, passion and expertise

Your interest in the position is seen in how you ask and answer questions. Show your excitement and curiosity about any subject. You can also use examples showing how relevant it is to your personal and professional life. 

Never be found wanting in infusing your professional experience into a conversation.


Your job interview whether remote or physical should be an avenue to show your qualifications. Your qualifications here do not necessarily include the certificates you possess. 

Your qualifications could include your knowledge and expertise towards the intended position. Strive to make a good impression amongst your panel of interviewers. 

Your interview determines if you get the job or not in most cases. Don’t be scared of doing well, being honest, and showing who you are. 

In the comment section, tell us your worst and best interview experience. You can also share your resolutions after that.Don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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