MyTechStory: Meet Aishat, A Social Media Manager.

January 12, 2023

My Tech Story

Nana-Aishat Omosah

I currently work as the Social Media Manager with More Techies.

  • What prompted you to take on this particular role?

Due to prior experience as a Social Media Manager and a Customer Relationship Manager, I decided to go for this role and also explore other no-code tech roles.

  • How long have you been working in your job role?

Over 6 months.

  • How did you get your tech role?

I was reading messages on a Telegram community I belong to and the advert caught my attention. I wanted to apply for others but decided against it.

Since I had prior experience as a Social Media Manager and Customer Relationship Manager, I decided to go for it. I’ve always wanted to be in the tech space.

  • How does your typical workday in your life play out?

I usually wake up by 4 am and after prayers and chores, I get ready for work by 8 am after reviewing my notes for the day.
I usually take a break by 1 pm where I also pray, play games, eat and continue working afterward.

I stop work by 5 pm but on some days, it’s extended due to more work or an online session.

  • What platform do you enjoy using in the course of working and what fascinates you about it?

Truth is I enjoy everything I use in the course of working and I would be excited to explore more.

  • What’s that one thing you wished could be taken off your role’s functions? Better put, a major thorn in your flesh…😅

Nothing really, because I learn every time and it’s fascinating.

  • What do you think would make you perform better at what you do? (You never can tell who’s reading this presently)

I’d say an ergonomic chair 💺.

  • Who do you look up to as a role model in your role and why?

I really don’t have anyone because I admire a lot of people; however, I admire the way everyone grows around Joy Eneghalu-Anele – More Techies CEO.

  • Trying not to sound like that troublesome HR… Tell me, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In my dream no-code tech job 😊.

  • Techies are stereotyped as nonchalant; some even claim to work around the clock and have little time for socializing… How true🤷‍♂️?

It’s not true biko. When you see techies unwinding, you’d be shocked. We rest and socialize too.

– Hangout
– Playing adventure games
– Watching movies and when I’ve got enough time, I travel🧳.

  • What do you have to tell More Techies?

No one passes through More Techies and remains the same; from social media platforms to the community, online sessions, academy, blog posts, and so forth.

Growth is in More Techies’ DNA and it’s contagious. You guys are doing an incredibly amazing job. Keep up the good work.

  • What golden secret can you tell someone trying to get into a similar role as yours to help them succeed?

It’s not really a secret per se, it’s just a rule I’ve always applied in my life- Personal development never goes out of fashion, and don’t ever take correction as though the person hates you, rather take it with humility and work on the lapse.

  • Do you have any milestone you think wouldn’t have been achieved?…but alas…you smashed it?💪🏽🚀🤝

Yes, and many as a matter of fact. The major one was creating and executing a project alone from scratch in a new place, as a Project Manager during NYSC.

  • Kindly share a link to your most active social platform. You may be the light someone has been waiting to connect with.

  • If you don’t mind, do you have works/products you’ve worked on that you want to showcase?

A project I worked on alongside some PMs last year, my first PM project actually; see it below;

Also, below are the links to the platform I engage people via my writings and podcasts;

  • Before I leave you😊, what’s that one thing that’s going/working well for you ✅, that you can consider as a rose🌹, ever since you ventured into your field of tech?

More opportunities for growth and development.

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