MyTechStory: Meet Steven, A Product Manager.

My Tech Story

Steven Ogbonna

I currently work as a Product Manager at T40.

  • What prompted you to take on this particular role?

The details of the job, knowing fully well that I can influence people who use my product and make I help make their life easier.

  • How long have you been working in your job role?

4 months.

  • How did you get your tech role?

I applied via LinkedIn as well as reached out to a few people inside the company so that I get an opportunity to interview.

  • How does your typical workday in your life play out?

I start off my day by checking my emails (personal and work mail), I also tend to respond to messages if any. My next line of action is to catch up on updates from work going on.

I constantly have a lot of meeting, some of them are having to update stakeholders, me joining meetings for products I influence, and a lot more.

Then, apart from meeting till the end of the day, I also do some work in completing documentation from previous work.

  • What platform do you enjoy using in the course of working and what fascinates you about it?

I enjoy using slack. Let’s just say I have to be on slack 24/7 because I work remotely.

  • What do you think would make you perform better at what you do? (You never can tell who’s reading this presently)

Being able to have control over my time, I think I don’t have time often to do other things.

  • Who do you look up to as a role model in your role and why?

I look up to a lot of people like a lot. I don’t know who to mention first lol.

I think my topmost is Azodo Nnamdi.

  • Trying not to sound like that troublesome HR… Tell me, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Owning a startup I will enjoy building.

  • Techies are stereotyped as nonchalant; some even claim to work around the clock and have little time for socializing… How true🤷‍♂️?

Lol… no, I think techies’ works are flexible although I would say depends on where you work.

For me, my work is flexible. I have time for socials and still deliver always.

Lol… Facing my laptop,
I am either planning a game or just on social media. If I have time to go out I might just go visit family and friends.

  • What do you have to tell More Techies?

More Techies, 🤗.

I got my Job right in the middle of my TAP program, I am one of the members of Cell 1. More Techies through the TAP program (Talent Accelerator Program) gave me the opportunity to have hands-on experience working with teams and trying to manage them to get the work done.

With the lesson learned, I have been able to probably work and maintain teams to make sure the work is a job and everyone is happy for getting the work completed.

  • What golden secret can you tell someone trying to get into a similar role as yours to help them succeed?

Yes. I think putting yourself out there. Just try your luck reaching out to people this can be a start-up founder or any person. Just pitch yourself as much as possible and hope for the best.

I think I will also say, don’t stop just continue putting yourself out there.

  • Kindly share a link to your most active social platform. You may be the light someone has been waiting to connect with.

@Ogbonnasteven. (Twitter)

  • Hey Techie✌🏻… being sincere, what else do you wish to tell us? You might just see it happen/finally get someone inspired! You gerriit?😉👍🏼

More Techies gave me an opportunity to work as an APM. If you are probably in More Techies’ TAP, I would suggest you put in the work. The results from the effort will get you the help you need in the long run.

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