Tips To Remaining Consistent As A Technical Writer

November 22, 2022

Are you a technical writer? Or are you taking courses and classes on how to become one? Lessons either offline or online don’t make you a good technical writer, but consistency does.

Consistency Quote (source)

Do you want to build an audience? Stay consistent. Do you want to be taken seriously? Stay consistent. 

Before we look at consistency in technical writing, we must know your goal as a technical writer. Aside from getting a job with a reputable company and counting your dollars, there should be other goals attached to that.

Your goals could involve sharing your articles on a blog, reaching out to as many people as possible who are technology enthusiasts through your writing, or even building an audience who are keen on your write-ups.

Now, let’s discuss how to stay consistent as a technical writer. Keep reading!!!

Before the ‘how’ of consistency, there ought to be a ‘why’ of consistency. Why must I be consistent? 

Consistency makes you a better writer. Imagine reading and researching for a course, after getting all the knowledge and there’s no platform to practice, it becomes a problem.

When you start practicing, and don’t keep up with it, another problem. Take for instance, you write this month, then, the next time you write is in two months or say you write whenever you are in the mood.  You can’t make it as a great writer with that attitude.

How To Be Consistent as a Writer

  1. Write

This point may sound so cliche, but it is nothing far from the truth. Build a habit of writing. James Clear said it takes 18 to 254 days to form a habit. 

If you can write for 18 to 254 days, then you have formed a writing habit. Once it becomes a habit, it can be difficult to remove. Is it hard to build a habit, yes it is? But it becomes easier when there is a trigger.

A trigger kicks off the urge to act on a particular habit. Find a trigger for your writing, it will help you with the consistency. Your trigger could be your morning coffee, a special music, early morning or late night strolls, or anything that works for you. 

You can decide to make this a regular (weekly, daily, bi-weekly). You can choose to type directly into your laptop or mobile device, or write with your notepad. Do whatever works for you. 

Writing using your laptop ( Source)
Writing using your notepad (Source)

To write well, you need to plan well. Proper planning helps with consistency and also makes you a better writer. You can think of possible distractions and how best to avoid them (productivity tools), overcome procrastination and have a relaxed mind to work on your article. 

2. Share

It is not enough to write. You need to share what you have written with people and the best way to do that is using social media.


A post on Medium (source)

Applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium or even Facebook are platforms where you can dish out the information. We organized a  seven day Technical Writing Challenge in our Bootcamp. Being part of this might be a key to igniting your consistency as a writer. 

3. Celebrate your little wins

Celebrating your wins irrespective of how small they are, has a way of motivating you as a writer.  It is hard to continue a habit if you are discouraged. 


Asides patting yourself when you make a post, you can decide to get a chocolate for each post you make. You can also decide to take yourself out each week you complete your quota of articles. Doing this will make you consistent.

However, it is vital you are watchful and careful with what works as a motivation for you. Imagine using the number of likes on a post as a motivation, get ready to be crushed. Social Media likes should not be a measure for motivation, they have a tendency to increase and decrease at will.

4. Don’t burn out

While trying to be consistent, remember Health is Wealth. Don’t try to burn yourself in the name of consistency. 

Don’t burn out (source)

Learn to take breaks. Hard Work sometimes comes at a cost. Be careful about it. The more breaks you take, the more creative your mind and brain are. Choose what works for you. 

You fail in your duty as a technical writer when you engage in some activities. Engagement in such activities affect your consistency. 

For instance, constant comparison kills your self-will and motivation to write regularly. You feel your write-ups are below standard compared to your ‘mates.’ Avoid the following to ensure your consistency:

  • Comparison.

If you must compare, compare within yourself. Compare your old articles and the new ones. Your ‘Genesis’ can be someone’s ‘Revelation’. Why compare yourself with such a person then?

Comparison (source)

Comparison takes you out of the playing field, fills you with low self esteem and dumps you on the sidelines. Don’t give room to it.


Procrastination is a peace depriver. You start procrastinating the moment you postpone your writing, saying you will do it at a later time. Sometimes, the later time never comes and you end up forgetting it.

For measures on how to kill procrastination, click here.


To be a great writer, you must be consistent. Will it be difficult? Yes, but the tenacity and willingness to pursue it makes it worth it. 

While you take your Technical writing lessons, imbibe the following measures to ensure your consistency. 

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