MyTechStory: Meet Marvee, A Product Manager.

August 25, 2022

My Tech Story

Marvee Muna

I work as a Product Manager in the E-commerce sector.

  • What prompted you to take on this particular role?

It’s a fully remote role and I get to have full ownership of the product(s).

  • How long have you been working in your job role?

A week or thereabout.

  • How did you get your tech role?

I applied (LinkedIn Easy Apply) lmao, got shortlisted for the interview and that was the only interview we had and I was hired; all under a week. And yes, I negotiated my salary too 😅

  • How does your typical workday in your life play out?

I start off my workday by checking my email, next is the slack channel and reply to any messages if at all, then my official work mail for any correspondence after that I move to my laptop to clear tasks for the day. The rest of the day is just me fighting my brain on how to improve the product. I’m still new here so I’m sure there will be lots of daily stuff to deal with as we go ahead.

  • Every role has its own hurdles. What are yours and how do you troubleshoot them?

Not being sure if what’s in your head is the right thing to build can be frustrating, that’s why as a Product Manager User research should be your best friend but I’m not exactly a fan of research, I just prefer to do the strategy but, wetin man go do, sigh.

  • What do you think would make you perform better at what you do? (You never can tell who’s reading this presently)

Uhmm, I need to get a new laptop and an ergonomic chair, and boy… watch me create magic here.

  • What golden secret can you tell someone trying to get into a similar role as yours to help them succeed?

Be confident and bold!

  • Trying not to sound like that pesky HR… Tell me, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being a VC and funding y’all’s startup 🤭

  • Techies are stereotyped as nonchalant; some even claim to work round the clock and have little time for socializing… How true🤷‍♂️?

I don’t like to refer to myself as a “techie” or tech bro or whatever so yeah I’m not working round the clock.

  • So, talking about fun and games🕺💃…What do you do when not working or facing the laptop😁?

Listen to music or just journal. It helps a lot.

  • What impact has More Techies had on you and your role?

A beautiful community I must say. I get to learn from the amazing people here and Tobi is such a wonderful Community Manager.

  • Hey Triber✌🏻… being sincere, what else do you wish to tell us? You might just see it happen/finally get someone inspired! You gerriit?😉👍🏼

Be confident in yourself, document your journey and progress, continue to improve on yourself, and don’t shy away from shooting your shot but don’t come off as desperate. Don’t settle for less and stop telling people you’re open for internships without pay, a lot won’t even take you seriously. Learn how to charge and charge very well for any service you render.

  • Kindly share a link to your most active social platform. You may just be the light someone has been waiting to connect with.

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