MyTechStory: Meet Olumide, A Freelance Product Designer/Frontend Dev.

July 7, 2022

My Tech Story

Olumide Adeyanju

I currently work as a Freelance Product Designer and a front-end Developer.

  • Why have you chosen this role?

I love to design.

  • How long have you been working as a Product Designer/Front-end Developer?

5+ years.

  • How did you get your role in tech?

I love to design, and designing brought me to tech.

  • What is a typical workday in your life like? (Kindly explain like you’re explaining to a 6yr old 😁) 

From bed to prayer to my laptop, first meal, my laptop, movie, my laptop, dinner, laptop, and sleep.

  • Challenges come with every role. What are yours and how are you facing them?

My challenge is sitting down with my screen for almost 18hrs a day.

  • What do you think would make you perform better at what you do? (You never know who’s reading 😉)

Getting proper planning from the Product Manager.

  • What golden secret can you tell someone trying to get into a similar role as yours to help them succeed?


  • Not to sound like that annoying interviewer at the recruitment table, but… Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Currently, working very hard to move to Software engineering, in the next 5years from now, I see myself as a good Software Engineer.

  • It is said that people in tech work ‘haaarrrdd!’ (Some have even said they are boring. Walls have ears)🤐 How true?

Not really; just get the principle right, it’s all fun all the way.

  • What you do for fun. Please tell us how you unwind? 

Game! Game!! and Game!!!

  • What impact has More Techies had on you and your role?

Got me some roles in volunteering jobs in the few weeks.

  • Just between us, ( not exactly promising our readers won’t get the scoop, but 😎) what else would you like to tell us? 

Be good at what you do.

  • If you wouldn’t mind, do you have works/products you’ve worked on that you want to showcase? Kindly share the link(s).

Intimate Dating app – Most of my other works are about to go live.

  • How can we connect with you online?

LinkedIn: Olumide Adeyanju | Github: oluzingh

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